Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What we're doing here

The last time my doctor and I talked about weight loss, she asked me to list - fast - off the top of my head - three things I had given up because of my weight issue. Mine were:

My friends
Rock climbing

I am serious. I used to hike and rock climb.

I took this picture at the top of Breakneck Ridge three years ago. I have a whole squad of friends that I am too ashamed to see because what on earth will they think of what I have let happen to myself? Then there are other friends, online ones, who simply don't know because I haven't had a reason to tell them.

What we are doing here - all of us who are on our weight loss journey - is ending this madness. I want my life back and I want my people back. I have been on plan (Take Shape For Life) all day and I will be every day until I am back down to my pre-madness weight.

What things have you given up because of your weight? Tell me what you can't wait to get back.


  1. The one thing I want more than anything from losing weight is confidence. Just an hour ago my friends begged me to come with them over to this party and I told them I was tired. I really should be sleeping but honestly, all I wanted to do was say yes! And get ready with them and share clothes and get cute and go out and talk to people and have some fun without thinking "everyone is staring at me". I'm just tired of not doing something because I'm afraid I will be embarassed one way or another from my weight.
    As for you, this picture is breath taking. I am so jealous that you have hiked and it makes me want to do it I've always wanted to ! We can lose this weight and live how we want ! :D

  2. I can not wait to get back to fitting in an airplane seat again. Oh yes I have a blog award for you over on my blog.

  3. I was overweight starting from puberty so I didn't give up antything because of my weight but I missed out on oh so much!

    Some things I gained from loosing my weight.

    Fitting in the bathtub and having room to spare
    Wrapping a hotel towel around me
    Feeling like an athelete
    Looking like an athelete
    Buying clothing anywhere
    Buying sexy clothing
    Feeling awesome

    I'm sure I can go on and on!

  4. Just checking in. I haven't seen you around lately. I want to make sure you're still on track.

    Hope so!!!