Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Results

I just heard from another client who weighs in on Saturdays: 4 pounds this week!

I haven't weighed myself but I put on my smallest jeans and although they are tight, they are on my body. So it can't be that bad... I hope.

All this reminds me that I should tell you all outright that this blog is a personal weight loss website for me. Yes, you can use the link to order Take Shape For Life products, and YES, I would love to welcome you to my client roster and wage the war on extra pounds together... but mostly, I want to share the experience with readers and offer support to those who are fighting the same battle.

This blog is about getting healthy. This blog is about ME getting healthy, and if you like, about US getting healthy together. Whether you participate as a reader, a commenter, a lurker, or as a TSFL warrior with me is up to you. :)

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