Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Solution - Take Shape For Life

Let's return to that moment when the scale tipped 289.

I was in the office my new PCP.  You might remember that my old PCP was the sort of woman who just wanted to put her arms around me (so far as they would go) and tell me everything was going to be ok.  This was just great in terms of enabling me to get prescription drugs and ignore my weight problem.  In terms of my actual health, her approach was not so effective.

Luckily, I lost my job.   Which meant I lost my insurance.  Which meant I had to sign up for health insurance through my second job (and yes, I do thank God every day that such insurance exists.)  The new insurance meant I needed a new PCP -- so we both shed a few tears and off I went to find a new doctor, one I hoped with prescribe me drugs and ignore what I then referred to as my "chubbiness."  I hoped she'd be compassionate and motherly, like my old doctor.


Well.  She isn't old enough to be my mother.  She doesn't give me drugs.  And while she is technically compassionate, she sure as hell doesn't think it's ok for me to weigh 289 pounds.  She asked me to think for a few moments about all that things I had given up because of my weight.  Within moments, I realized the list was long and staggering.  Running, hiking, rock climbing, bike riding.  Relationships.  Friendships.  Romance.  Sex.  Did eating food really outrank these things?  Really?

After listening to her talk about all the complications I risked being so overweight, I began to realize she was absolutely correct to take the attitude that my weight problem was a crisis, not merely an issue.

She recommended Take Shape For Life, and after I read through the information on the website, I was ready to try the program.  I clicked on the link and bought a month's supply of Medifast meals.  I was on my way.

In two and a half months, I have lost 37 pounds.  And do you know what the best part is?  I haven't been hungry or fantasizing about food - or even thinking about eating.  The program is literally goof proof, and it really works.

Though I am not at goal weight yet (obviously) I have enrolled with Take Shape For Life to be a Health Coach - ie, to help others learn about Take Shape For Life and conquer their own struggles with weight. I could have waited until I was at goal weight, but why keep such a great thing a secret.  Meanwhile, the people I coach and I are literally in it together - same eating plan, same lifestyle, same great results.

I hope you'll consider Take Shape For Life for what it is - a great opportunity to get healthy and fit for life.  Contact me if you are interested in giving the program a try.

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